Vandals Attacked Nebraska GOP's HQ, Spray-Painted 'Abolish ICE' In Front Of The Building

Posted: Jul 03, 2018 5:45 PM

Well, the crusade to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement is relatively new. It’s the latest war cry from the far left. It’s in response to the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement policy. So, to make that point clear, as if it wasn’t already from these nutjobs, some vandals decided to attack the headquartersof the Nebraska Republican Party. The suspects spray-painted “abolish ICE” on the sidewalk in front of the building. It caused $1,200 in damages (via Omaha World-Herald):

GOP officials said Tuesday that they planned to board up the windows so volunteers could continue making calls on behalf of Republican candidates from the office at 1610 N St. in Lincoln.

Lincoln police are in the process of collecting video surveillance from nearby businesses. At least one has cameras pointing the direction of the GOP office’s front windows, said Kenny Zoeller, executive director of the state GOP.

Investigators were still trying to determine what time the attack took place, sometime between midnight and a little after 3 a.m. A newspaper carrier notified police.

The state GOP, like the state Democratic Party, has had its run-ins with the fringes of opposing parties and others. But Zoeller said the recent rhetoric of "the resistance" on the left has emboldened people to act out.

Now, while some progressive radicals know exactly what they’re doing, there are some Democrats who don’t really want to think about it and try to avoid this question like the plague. Clarke Tucker is a Democratic congressional candidate in Arkansas, who didn’t seem interested in the latest battle cry that could engulf his party at a Families Belong Together Protest in Little Rock (via Free Beacon):

Clarke Tucker, an Arkansas state lawmaker who will be on the ballot against incumbent Republican Rep. French Hill this November, was asked about ICE over the weekend at the Families Belong Together protest in Little Rock. Though immigration was the focus of the event, Tucker said he hadn't "spent any time" thinking about whether ICE should be abolished.


After Tucker was told that the push to abolish ICE had recently gotten support from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.), he maintained that he had no information on what it means.

"That's not something I've spent any time thinking about," he said. "I don't have any information about it."

Oh, there’s plenty, sir—but that’s okay. On one hand, it shows how limited this activism might be, being contained to the urban hubs and the Left Coast. Yet, the magnification by the Democrat-led media will surely get the attention of everyone else, who thinks this idea is downright extreme—and it is. So, keep shouting this, Democrats. The overreach will blow up in your faces…again.