Meghan McCain To Comey: We're Going To 'Filet You'

Posted: Apr 16, 2018 3:15 PM

Yes, of course, the ladies of The View weighed in on James Comey’s new book, A Higher Loyalty, giving their remarks about the work. Joy Behar says it’s readable. Sunny Hostin added that she found the former FBI head credible; President Trump fired Comey in May of 2017. Lone right-leaning co-host Meghan McCain was less charitable, saying he’s a man that appears to be playing both sides, defending the FBI while also being a total media hog and looking to settle scores with the Trump White House. Hostin and McCain got into a little debate over whether Comey leaked classified information with his memos that appeared in The New York Times. Hostin spoke as if there was no classified information in these documents—they did. Regardless, Comey, who appears on the show Wednesday, should prepare himself for a rather tense interview, especially with McCain (via Mediaite):

“He clearly loves the media,” McCain said. “And that’s fine if you want to do what we do. But it’s not if you are the head of the FBI.”

Earlier in the segment, McCain summarized her issue with the former FBI Director thusly:

“The problem with James Comey is he can’t decide what he is. Is he a boy scout defending the FBI…or is he a media personality and a highly political animal?”

It’s a question she’ll get to ask Comey later in the week.

“He’s coming on [The View] Wednesday,” McCain said. “Congratulations. We’re all gonna filet you.”

Comey still find himself right where he started with all of this as he embarks on his $1,000 per ticket book tour: no one likes him. Frankly, his blasé admission that the 2016 election and Hillary’s standing in the polls more or less guided how he handled the email investigation into the former first lady is troubling. Law and order executed based on polling. That’s what will be one of the many markers left by James Comey’s FBI.