Watch: Cherokee Genealogist Takes Elizabeth Warren's Native American Claims To The Woodshed

Posted: Mar 16, 2018 12:45 PM

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is still claiming her Native American heritage; she’s refused to take a DNA test, and real members of the Cherokee nation are incensed. This hoax has been reported for years; it was first brought up during the 2012 Massachusetts Senate race, where Warren defeated Republican Scott Brown. Guy has written about this racial hoax that Warren has used for her personal benefit

A Massachusetts paper’s editorial board said it was about time the liberal Democrat take a DNA test. She refused, and went on the Sunday Morning Talk show circuit last weekend to deliver her evidence of Native American heritage. To no one’s surprise, there is no hard evidence, just stories about her parents (via WaPo):

On Sunday, Warren stood by family lore as justification for her claim. Her parents, she said, fell in love as teenagers in Oklahoma and eloped because her mother’s Native American heritage made her father’s family “bitterly opposed” to the union. “That’s the story that my brothers and I all learned from our mom and our dad, from our grandparents, from all of our aunts and uncles,” she said. “It’s a part of me, and nobody’s going to take that part of me away.”

So, I guess the case is closed, right? Nope. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson brought a Cherokee genealogist, Twila Barnes, who took Warren’s claims to the woodshed this week, calling her claims nothing more than “identity theft” (via Fox Insider):

Genealogist Twila Barnes said Warren is not of Cherokee heritage and is "not enrolled" with the tribe.

"She has no family on the rolls, she has no indication of Indian ancestry anywhere in her lineage," Barnes said.

Carlson said Warren received preferential treatment in her pre-senatorial occupation on the basis of her claiming to be Native American.

Barnes said the reported manner in which her parents were wed does not match well with Warren's account.

She said Warren's parents, Pauline and Donald Herring, were married by a prominent Oklahoma minister who the genealogist said would not be one to tie the knot in an elopement.

"She has no proof of anything and she's a lawyer," Barnes said of Warren.

She added:

I can’t speak for all of them. I could speak for the ones I talk to and, you know, some just laugh because it’s so ludicrous. I mean, you know, she has no proof of anything. She’s a lawyer and she’s supposed to understand, you know, you need proof. Yet she keeps claiming — many are angry because they feel like she’s appropriating an identity to gain something from that and she has no respect for true Native Americans.

When will this cultural appropriation stop, Ms. Warren? 

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