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Grant Stinchfield of NRA TV tore into MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough over his pro-gun positions, accusing the Morning Joe host of putting his “media millions over protecting your rights.”

“Joe Scarborough is a disgrace. He throws wild accusations in an effort to please his liberal anti-gun bosses and destroy all of you—all of us,” he added. 

Well, the former Republican congressman from Florida did not take too kindly to that accusation, saying Stinchfield is afraid of him, and that all he does is spread hate and fear (via Mediaite):

It started with Scarborough saying “I have the constitution on my side” and accusing the NRA of spreading “lies, hate and fear.”

“You are so scared of me,” he wrote.

The former Florida congressman then took the time to elaborate on his beliefs regarding gun control, which seem a far cry from the kind of rampant shredding of the constitution that Stinchfield has accused him of.


Scarborough also blamed the gun lobbying group for inciting violence, fearing that their hateful rhetoric will only lead to “getting someone killed.”

Yeah, it’s a hard-hitting ad. Scarborough did say he supports the Second Amendment and carry laws, which is good, but his advocacy for stronger background checks and “regulating assault-style weapons” is where he goes off the rails. First of all, we have enough background checks. We have enough laws on that front. Every purchase from a licensed firearms dealer requires a background check, only criminals buy guns out of the trunk of a car. Yes, criminals don’t abide by the law, but we’re talking about law-abiding gun owners. That’s already a law on the books, though anti-gun liberals would have you think that firearms purchases as lax as buying groceries. What’s becoming clear is that the people in charge of handling these checks are not on their game. The FBI had a tip on the Florida shooter on January 5 and did nothing. No referrals were made. It wasn’t even followed up on. FBI Director Chris Wray had to admit that last week. In Texas, the church shooter in Sutherland Springs, Devin Patrick Kelley, should have been barred from buying firearms. In 2012, he was convicted of domestic abuse and served a year in jail. This was when he was in the Air Force, who never informed the FBI of his criminal conviction, a critical detail for the National Instant Background Check System. This shooting was preventable. In 2013, Aaron Alexis committed a mass shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. he had a history of erratic behavior, which if properly reported, would have stripped him of his clearance, barring him access to the facility.

As for assault-style, that’s a political term for scary gun. It’s left wing, anti-gun jargon. Millions of Americans own AR-15s. There are millions of so-called high capacity magazines in circulation. Is Joe Scarborough anti-gun in the same way as say Everytown? Probably not, but he’s harping on two liberal anti-gun issues that will not stop future mass shootings.

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