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Oh My: Did The View’s Behar Suggest VP Pence’s Christian Faith Makes Him Mentally Ill?

Yeah, it’s The View. And yes, Meghan McCain has been pushing back against the overwhelmingly liberal tilt of the show. She tripped up Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) over her conveniently timed criticism of the Clintons; she thinks Bill should have resigned over his sexual misconduct allegations. She asked Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) if he hurt immigration negotiations by weighing in on President Trump’s “s**thole” countries remark, which he says occurred in a meeting at the White House. He’s been caught lying about past White House meetings with Obama, which she brought up. Yet, yesterday’s show took an offensive turn when co-host Sunny Hostin brought up Vice President Mike Pence’s faith. 

Well, first, she had to say that because she went to law school in Indiana—she knows that Pence is not popular in the state, and that he’s a hated figure. Second, she brought up how Pence thinks the lord savior Jesus Christ talks to him. Hostin is triggered by all this religious stuff, especially when he calls people values voters—she thinks we’re entering dangerous territory. She went onto say that she’s a Catholic and a faithful person, but she doesn’t want a vice president who speaks in tongues. Joy Behar then said that this is a sign of mental illness (via Fox News):

Joy Behar then said: “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you.”

Behar said hearing voices is a “mental illness” before Sherri Shepard offered a limited defense of Pence.

“As a Christian, that’s just par for the course,” Shepard said “You talk to Jesus, Jesus talks back. What concerns me is, how long is the conversation with Jesus?”

Behar, an ABC News star, uncomfortably joked, “Can he talk to Mary Magdalene without his wife in the room?”

Yeah, Joy—that means you’re mentally ill too. Remember when you went on Morning Joe in November of 2017, plugging your new anti-Trump book and said God told you to save this country? 

Via Truth Revolt:

The View’s Joy Behar has received a message from above that she is the chosen one meant to save this country from Donald Trump. She said so on MSNBC’s Morning Joe while discussing the reason behind her new book, The Great Gasbag: An A-to-Z Guide to Surviving Trump World.

Host Joe Scarborough prompted Behar to say why she wrote the book. She responded:

“Because I am being told by God to save this country.”

I mean it’s The View. Yes, it was totally ridiculous, but it’s par for the course. Liberals can have God talk to them, but conservatives can’t. Speaking in tongues, getting queasy over the phrase “values voters,” is this a joke? The double standard and hypocrisy is already apparent, but are daytime television liberals so depleted in material that they have to insinuate, wrongly, that Pence speaks in tongues, and that it’s weird that God talks to them. Folks, I’m not religious. I’m not a person of faith. It’s a gift that sadly faded away in my life, but I thought this was outrageous. God speaks to all of us in different ways. No, it’s not a parting of the clouds, with light shining down on you and a deep voice telling you what to do. Many view their own conscience as God communicating with them; knowing and recognizing what is right and wrong and acting upon those feelings. 

And Democrats wonder why they do so poorly with rural and centrist voters.

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