President Trump: Nancy Pelosi's Crumbs Remarks On Worker Bonuses Could Be The New Deplorable Slur

Posted: Feb 02, 2018 1:20 PM
President Trump: Nancy Pelosi's Crumbs Remarks On Worker Bonuses Could Be The New Deplorable Slur

I guess the silver lining here is that Democrats seem to be shifting away from trashing American workers by saying their $1,000+ bonuses, some companies are handing out $3,000 checks, are “crumbs.” The Democratic Party tried to screw Trump over, and it’s failed miserably. For starters, they voted against a middle class tax cut, the American worker, and economic growth. Since the GOP tax cut bill was signed into law, over three million workers have received bonuses, over 250 companies have handed them out, while announcing that they will increase employee investments and charitable giving. 

It’s whiplash. The party that fumed in 2011, that the payroll tax cuts, which they say added $40 extra dollars in workers’ paychecks are calling thousand-dollar bonuses “crumbs.” I’m not so sure that’s smart politics, and working class families surely know it's not crumbs. On top of the bonuses, workers are going seeing more money in their paychecks, as some companies plan to raise their wages due to the tax bill. So, given the response to this legislation, how do Democrats respond? Well, maybe these bonuses are no longer crumbs; they’re just meager. What’s even more pathetic than the crumbs/meager spin is the one where Democrats actually think companies were planning on giving out these bonuses before the tax bill was signed. That’s quite the coincidence, which means it’s probably crap and the Left is just going to have to eat crow and continue to eat it, as more economic benefits are yielded from this Republican tax reform. Yesterday, Trump said the “crumbs” remark could be the new “deplorable” swipe, a reference to what Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters during the 2016 election. The president made these remarks addressing fellow Republicans at their annual retreat in White Sulphur Spring, West Virginia (via Fox News):

At the GOP retreat, Trump also celebrated the “tremendous bonuses” that companies have been giving workers because of the tax reform bill passed into law last year. And he called out House Minority Leader Pelosi for comments earlier this month calling those bonuses “crumbs.”

The president compared that statement to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” gaffe during the 2016 election.

“That could be like deplorable,” Trump said of Pelosi’s remark. “Does that make sense? Deplorable and crumbs. Those two words, they seem to have a resemblance.”

Pelosi’s office responded with this:

What’s deplorable is Republicans desperate effort to hide the multi-billion corporate windfalls of the GOP tax scam behind a handful of meager, one-time bonuses. The casual dishonesty of taking Leader Pelosi’s words out of context is nothing compared to the dishonesty of Republicans’ sales pitch on their tax scam itself. Polling shows the American people recognize the GOP tax scam for exactly what it is. Republicans have been caught red-handed enriching their wealthy corporate donors at the expense of working families.”

First of all, a PSA of sorts, cocaine may give you increased confidence, but it’s not healthy (it’s also illegal) and that has to explain this ballsy, though tone-deaf statement. The Democratic Party has legions of wealthy donors. The working class are benefiting from the GOP tax plan that the Democrats opposed. And the polling shows a 21-point approval spike of the GOP tax bill since December and a 13-point generic ballot shift towards the Republicans as well. I get how a glass case of insufferable progressivism can make one of that political persuasion feel safe. Just ignore reality. That’s what Democrats are going to do with this tax bill. The good news will continue to roll in—and they voted against it. Oh, also, again, we go from crumbs to meager—maybe not crapping all over working families would be a nice start in accepting that you’re wrong, Democrats. You were just plain wrong. You can polish a turd. You can’t spin solid, policy-based results. Not even MSNBC can save you. 

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