What In The Fresh Hell Is This? New Yorker Writer Offers Male Guide For Women's Rights

Posted: Oct 17, 2017 8:30 PM
What In The Fresh Hell Is This? New Yorker Writer Offers Male Guide For Women's Rights

My RedState colleague Kira Davis posted about this earlier today, so I thought I’d share it all with you. It’s just one of those reminders to anyone who isn’t a progressive why it’s a good thing to not be a member of this club. Enter Helen Rosner of New York Magazine and the New Yorker decided to dole out this Twitter thread on how dudes can support women’s rights. It’s the usual goodie bag of supporting abortion, accepting women with male parts as…women, “prioritize women's issues when you decide who to vote for,” and dabble in intersectionality.

First, you already lost me and every right-leaning Americans and conservative with the definitive and unbending position on abortion. That’s par for the course I know. Second, there’s not a chance in hell I’m becoming a follower of the hyper progressive intersectionality theory. New York Times op-ed editor Bari Weiss had a good description back in June:

Intersectionality is the big idea of today’s progressive left. In theory, it’s the benign notion that every form of social oppression is linked to every other social oppression. This observation — coined in 1989 by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw — sounds like just another way of rephrasing a slogan from a poster I had in college: My liberation is bound up with yours. That is, the fight for women’s rights is tied up with the fight for gay rights and civil rights and so forth. Who would dissent from the seductive notion of a global sisterhood?

Well, in practice, intersectionality functions as kind of caste system, in which people are judged according to how much their particular caste has suffered throughout history. Victimhood, in the intersectional way of seeing the world, is akin to sainthood; power and privilege are profane.

And it has a tendency to eat its own. Weiss was writing about how a Jewish lesbian was tossed from a LGBT march because the Star of David, which she had placed on a rainbow flag, was—get this—triggering to the other participants. Yeah, you know the whole Israel is an evil occupying force talking point peddled by the Left.

There are a few good things she tweets—I’ll be fair. Like I find nothing wrong with having and searching for female role models. The Vespa clan is full of strong, independent women. I have plenty of role models in that sphere and elsewhere. I also see nothing wrong with reaching out to women for support for whatever personal crisis you may be going through; friends are friends. The things I couldn’t care less about are her fifth, sixth, and eleventh points. This isn’t a zero sum game. I don’t need to prioritize anything. I don’t need to fit into this left wing glass case of horrors. I was raised to be independent, support causes, and vote for candidates that I supported—and this was coming from my liberal feminist mother.

This is America; I will vote for whomever I like, hang out with my friends, watch sports with whomever I like, and not really care about whether I’m supporting this imaginary system of oppression that is often used to legitimize this culture of political correctness (and its related bulls**t courses in higher education) that has infested the Left and turned off the rest of the country. No one cares. And the more these people push this upon the rest of us, the more appealing the Republican Party becomes. Not exactly based on policy—but because the Left is just awful. It’s a Venus fly trap. We’re tolerant. We’re open, but if you stray—we’ll destroy you.