CNN Contributor: Trump Thinks He's A Slavemaster Of Black People

Posted: Sep 26, 2017 1:10 PM

Folks on the Left, I hope you don’t learn from this because your meltdowns over anything that President Trump does is pure gold, but let’s just ask it anyway: When are you going to learn? The first salvo in the fight over the national anthem, the American flag, and football began when Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the Star-Spangled Banner. It’s leeched into other sports, soccer, volleyball, and now baseball. Trump kicked it up a notch going after players who took a knee, which prompted liberal media figures, the media, and the NFL proper to slam Trumps’ remarks. What they don’t know is that Trump has won this fight before it began; 72 percent view Kaepernick antics as unpatriotic. Thirty-four percent of Americans said they’re less likely to watch the NFL because of the protests.

And now, we’re getting into the main course of liberal meltdowns. Trump is somehow racist for going after people who the vast majority of Americans think are engaging in disrespectful and disgraceful behavior. They view it as spitting in the face of those who have sacrificed for our freedom and those still in uniform protecting it. There’s no winning this, but CNN’s Keith Boykin decided to go right ahead and call Trump a white supremacist who thinks he’s a slavemaster of black people. When pushed by CNN’s Kate Bouldan to back up that explosive remark with evidence, Boykin didn’t, saying it didn’t matter what he felt. So, it was a temper tantrum (via Free Beacon):

During an appearance on "At This Hour With Kate Bouldan," Boykin began to launch off from the white supremacist comment before Host Kate Bouldan pressed him on the charge.

"He's encouraging white supremacists, and the fact is–," Boykin started.

"Are you really gonna–" Bouldan interjected.

"Yes, I'm gonna, and we can debate that later," Boykin said.

"No, but don't also throw the grenade, Keith, if you think he is a white supremacist. You really believe this president is a white supremacist?" Bouldan asked.

"It almost doesn't matter what I think, or whether he is or not," said Boykin.

"Words matter. You say this all the time," Bouldan said. She then asked Boykin if the violence in Charlottesville, Va. and Trump's response was a factor in his stance.

Boykin said that if the controversy was about the flag, Trump would have called for the young white men in Charlottesville, marching with the Confederate flag, to be fired from their jobs.

The CNN analyst said, instead, "Trump is fanning the flames of racial hatred" and is playing "plantation politics."

"He thinks apparently that he is a slavemaster of black people in the NFL, of black people in the country," Boykin said.

Step away from this frothing at the mouth, CNN also hinted that there could be a “dark racial sentiment” with Trump’s slamming of the NFL and the NBA. So, 72 percent of Americans are now racist? That’s ridiculous—and it shows a) the deep divide between the news media and the rest of the country; and b) again, how Trump is more popular on the issues rather than his personality. It’s true that the president flunks the personality test, but when it comes to the issues and policy, he registers much better. Americans are proud of their country. Standing for the anthem is not a controversial point to be advocating to the masses. No, players shouldn’t be fined, suspended, or even fired for taking a knee, but they should expect and be able to endure the intense punishment they will receive for doing so.