James O’Keefe: Our Next Video Goes After The Media’s ‘Holy Grail’ And Yes–People Will Probably Get Fired

Posted: Sep 19, 2017 7:50 PM

Conservative James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is teasing their biggest investigation yet. In a video posted to Twitter, O’Keefe promises that their new series will go after the “holy grail” of the mainstream media, and that some figures will probably lose their jobs. He said the organization has tripled the number of journalists in the field. He also warned that the lawsuits filed against him, one of which he holds in his hand, would not stop his work. He also says that they will be exposed for what they are, as lawsuits are used as a tool of intimidation.

“Stay tuned, ladies and gentleman. Fireworks are coming,” he says.

Project Veritas peered through the Clinton campaign and recently exposed the appalling bias within the newsrooms of CNN. We all knew this, but now there’s hard evidence that the network pushes the Russia collusion story for ratings, despite one producer admitting that it’s “mostly bulls**t.” Another producer is caught saying disparaging remarks about voters, calling them “stupid as s**t.” Even a CNN commentator and former Obama staffer is caught saying the whole Russia story is a “nothing burger.” Again, it’s par for the course with regards to liberal media bias, but evidence of vindication over what everyone on the right felt about the news network.

Stay tuned for more.