Chelsea Clinton on Confederate Statue Controversy: You Don’t See Any Satan Idols In Church

Posted: Aug 21, 2017 6:30 PM

So, what is Chelsea Clinton trying to say here? That Confederates (i.e. American citizens) are no better than Lucifer? Ever since inexcusable violence broke out between the far left Antifa and white nationalist groups in Charlottesville, Virginia this month, we’re back to the Confederate statue thing. Supposedly, white nationalists descended into the city to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. Now, everyone realizes that statues to Confederates, which have been in plain view of the public for decades, are now triggering everyone and they have to go because these people are evil. They were fighting to defend slavery. Yet, dig further and any person who is deemed unworthy in the eyes of progressives’ interpretation of history has to go. Yeah, that means George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, our first and third presidents respectively. They’re also some of our Founding Fathers, but they owned slaves. Everything must go: monument, statues, Monticello, and Mount Vernon. They all have to go. At the heart of this is the progressive urge to re-vamp, retell, and reload the story of our founding, which they hate. They’re trying to come through the backdoor with this Confederate statue issue.

Yet, back to Clinton, the former First Daughter tweeted, “The story of Lucifer-who rebelled against God-is part of many Christians' traditions. I've never been in a church with a Lucifer statue.” Yeah, because that would be, I don’t know—sacrilegious. Also, Lucifer is the embodiment of evil. While the Americans who tried to break off and form the Confederate States of America were wrong to defend slavery, I don’t think they’re evil. They’re not part of Lucifer’s army. And the devil is depicted across many works of art, especially ones dealing with Christ’s temptation in the desert. Do those renaissance works of art need to go? 

Frankly, when it comes to the whole Confederate statue debate, it’s best if you steer clear of the whole religious aspect. It doesn’t help anyone, especially when it’s from the only child of one of the most controversial power couples in politics. Lucifer is real to some, folklore to others. Belief in this is based on one’s faith, which is a deeply personal journey. Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and James Longstreet were real people and some of the best officers this country ever produced. They didn’t fight for the Union, but their talent is unquestionable. The scrubbing of American history because it’s triggering is absurd. Also, not really onboard with anything that is spurred from one side still feeling angered that their candidate didn’t win a presidential election. It’s not insane to describe this as yet another phase of anti-Trump hysteria from the Left. I say, keep pushing them, because I guarantee they want to wash everything away. Only Barack Obama can be idolized, right?

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