Former Clinton Campaign Chair: I Lose Sleep Every Night Over Clinton Losing

Posted: Aug 03, 2017 7:00 AM

Former Clinton campaign chair John Podesta still appears to be torn up over the former first lady’s stinging defeat to Donald Trump last year, saying he loses sleep over it. Yet, leave it to CNN to ask this question from host Alisyn Camerota.

“Is Hillary Clinton surprised at how often the president invokes her name? How often the White House talks about her? We are, on Monday, 200 days into the Trump administration and it seems that not a week goes by where he doesn’t mention her,” she said

Podesta said it was unprecedented, but added it might be due to the fact that Clinton received 3 million more popular votes than he did, and that Clinton has gotten under his skin because she beat him soundly in the popular vote (via Free Beacon):

It's unprecedented," Podesta said. " You never saw that behavior from any other president who's talking about the person they beat. I think it really just bugs the hell out of him that she got three million more votes than he did and he keeps coming back to that."

"Obviously we bear the burden of having lost the Electoral College, so I lose sleep about that every night," Podesta added.

If Trump is still bothered by this, he needs to move on since it doesn’t matter. He won the election. He won the Electoral College vote handily, he brought states that haven’t voted Republican since Reagan back into the fold, and he’s the president. Democrats are still devastated over Lady Macbeth’s loss that they’re trying to find victories when there are none; the popular vote argument is a classic example. Clinton lost. Period.

As for why Trump and others keep mentioning her, well, she keeps inserting herself back into the debate. She fired inside the ship when she said the Democratic National Committee contributed to her 2016 loss, and she’s started a super PAC to fund organizations fighting the Trump agenda. They will soon back 2018 candidates. Clinton is not going away. We all know that and until she does head into the bunker, she will continue to be the Right’s biggest motivating factor to turn out and vote against Democrats. 

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