WH Communications Director Scaramucci: If The Leaks Continue, Heads Will Roll

Posted: Jul 24, 2017 4:00 PM

Incoming White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is quite unequivocal about leaks. If they continue, everyone is getting fired. It’s no secret that this White House is leaking like a busted pipe, some of which have been detrimental to national security policy. The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel noted how in the first 126 days of the Trump presidency, there were 125 stories had harmful information leaked by the press. By contrast, in Obama first 126 days, there were only 18 stories. She was also quite blunt about the intentions of this D.C. “leak crew;” they’re trying to take out the president.

Well, at least within the Trump White House, the folks leaking material are on notice, and everyone’s job is on the line:

JOHN DICKERSON: What happens to leakers on your watch?

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: They're going to get fired. I'm just going to make it very, very clear, okay? Tomorrow I'm going to have a staff meeting. And it's going to be a very binary thing. I'm-I'm not going to make any prejudgments about anybody on that staff. If they want to stay on the staff, they're going to stop leaking.

If the leaks continue, we are strong as our weakest link. And I'll say it a little differently in a pun. We're strong as our weakest leak. So if you guys want to keep leaking, why don't you guys all get together and make a decision as a team that you're going to stop leaking.


ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: But if you're going to keep leaking, I'm going to fire everybody. It's just very binary.

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