London Mayor: UK Capital Is Safe, But I Don't Know Where The Terrorists Are

Posted: Jun 07, 2017 7:00 AM

London has been hit by another terror attack. It occurred on June 3 on London Bridge, where three radical Islamic terrorists plowed into pedestrians. They then crashed their van in the Borough Market nearby and proceeded to go on a stabbing spree. Seven people were killed, with another 46 wounded. Police fired 50 shots to stop them. All perpetrators were killed. This attack comes roughly twelve days after the horrific Manchester bombing after an Ariana Grande concert. Twenty-two people, mostly young teenagers, were killed. Over 116 were wounded.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has gone on to say after the attack that the UK capital is “the safest global city in the world,” but admitted to Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that he doesn’t know where roughly 200 jihadis are in the city. In March, UK security officials said roughly 400 Islamic extremists who have been trained by terrorist organizations in the Middle East, specifically Syria, could be back in the country awaiting instructions to launch attacks.

Reid and Morgan were stunned by this admission.

“Where are they?” asked Piers.

“How are we letting people back into the UK, who haven’t just been trained; they’ve actually fought—potentially against our troops—how are we letting hem back in without knowing exactly where they are and what they’re up to asked Reid. “Surely those who have actually gone to fight are the biggest risk,” she added.

Mr. Khan went on to criticize the budget cuts to policing, while adding that he cannot follow 400 people. Morgan seemed irritated for why the metropolitan police can’t do that either.

And yes, the state visit drama concerning Donald Trump was also discussed, with Mr. Kahn showing Labour’s hypocrisy with the “values” talking point.

“I don’t think we should roll out the red carpet to the president of the USA in the circumstances where his policies go against everything we stand for,” he said.

So, Idi Amin, the brutal Ugandan dictator, who got two state visits, does he stand for British values? Morgan aptly noted Mr. Kahn hosted eleven ambassadors from nations who bar Israeli citizens from entering their countries. Seems a bit odd, huh?

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