Keith Olbermann: Arrest Kushner Now

Posted: Jun 05, 2017 2:40 PM

The Left’s spastic attack over our withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change is worth its weight in popcorn. We’re now no longer world leaders, and the planet will soon be destroyed because…we backed out of a non-binding agreement. Former NASA scientist John Hansen, the “father of climate change awareness,” said that the agreement was “bull****” last year. Yet, we’re destined to come back to the Russia drama.

Of the many high intensity spasms of insanity from the liberal media, GQ’s Keith Olbermann's rant against top aide Jared Kushner is probably number one. The former MSNBC, ESPN, and Current TV host said that Kushner should be arrested because he thinks that he did something very, very bad. To be more specific, he should be arrested in the suspicion of  obstruction of justice and espionage. His evidence? Well, it’s a variety of news reports that allege that he wanted a back channel to the Kremlin. Olbermann seems to have forgotten that Obama secretly reached out to Russia and Iran. Moreover, that back channeling is considered normal, proper, and at times—necessary. Back channeling is not a crime. It’s not an alien concept in the realm of international affairs, but Hillary lost and Olbermann needs something to use as a crutch. It should also be noted that Kushner hasn’t been accused of any wrongdoing. Second, he’s not even the target of the probe into Russian activities during the 2016 election.

Yes, Olbermann called out Kathy Griffin for her horrific photo shoot, where she holds up a beheaded Donald Trump. And he said that her presser a few days later was “selfish,” and did nothing but help President Trump. He’s not wrong. Griffin trying to say that she was a victim, and that she’s being used by the Trump White House to distract from the Russia probe is just cute. Yet, back to this screed, where Olbermann wants Kushner arrested for obstruction of justice and espionage, where evidence is either lacking or straight up nonexistent, is just embarrassing. 

Oh, and Olbermann has peddled fake news about the Russian collusion allegations, so there's that too.

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