PA Voters: Democrats Are Out Of Touch And They Need to Stop It With The Russia Stories

Posted: May 08, 2017 2:15 PM

CBS’ Face The Nation’s John Dickerson spoke with Pennsylvania voters, where they confirmed what the ABC News/Washington Post polls illuminated a coupled weeks ago: the Democratic Party is out of touch.

One voter, a lifelong Democrat, said that his party is not only out of touch, but they have zero interest in remedying the situation. They complain about how Putin and Wikileaks screwed them over (they didn’t), but added that what’s glossed over is that the Wikileaks document dumps showed how Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment were a bunch of liars. That’s really why liberals are upset; their dirty laundry was aired for all to see. Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Clinton’s primary opponent, would probably be the most infuriated, as it confirmed that senior staffers at the Democratic National Committee were actively trying to find ways to undermine the insurgent campaign.

Dickerson asked if there was one story that they’re sick and tired of hearing, which drew a response from a female voter, and it was the allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“We will go with Russia, okay? Because that was one of the things that is driving me absolutely mad. “I think Russia has already been proven to not have had any impact on our elections, they did not, you know, drive from polling place to polling place and, you know, hoodwink the machines and whatever,” she said. This woman also said that the obsessive nature Democrats have with this story makes them look desperate.

She’s right. Russia did not hack our election. No vote tallies were altered and even The Washington Post reported that such a hack would be virtually impossible, especially concerning how our election system works. Did the Kremlin run an interference campaign? The evidence suggests yes, but that’s not a hack. State-funded news outlets peddling propaganda and unleashing social media trolls is not a hack. Moreover, a study conducted by professors at New York University and Stanford showed that fake news stories played no pivotal role. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook also said that fake news did not sway the election. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi even went a step further by saying that the press helped undermine the election.