Massachusetts Police Department Ends ‘High Five Friday’ Program Because Locals Were Triggered By It

Posted: Feb 25, 2017 8:00 PM

In a time where there’s an emphasis on community-police relations, why not have uniformed police officers welcome elementary school kids by offering to give high fives every Friday? That’s what the police department of Northampton, Massachusetts decided to do for about two months before the political correctness police decided to halt the program. They ended up scrapping the whole operation soon afterwards. Reportedly, parents were worried how the police presence would impact students of illegal aliens (really?) and children of color (via WWLP):

The idea for the “High Five Friday” program came following a visit to a law enforcement conference in San Diego, in which “High Five Fridays” were promoted as a good way for the department to engage with young people. But complaints about the program started within weeks.

Police Chief Jody Kasper was recently invited to a school committee meeting, in which concerns were raised about there being a uniformed police presence at the schools. At a follow-up meeting with local residents, more than a dozen people expressed worries about how the weekly police presence may be interpreted negatively by young people of color, undocumented children, or children who may have had negative interactions with the police in the past. Kasper then discussed the issue with Superintendent John Provost, and the decision was made to cancel “High Five Fridays.”

WWLP added that not everyone was supportive of the program’s abrupt end, but the reasons behind the program’s termination are ridiculous. This program was conducted to better relations with the community, to make people comfortable with police, and show that they’re here to serve us and uphold the law. How is that controversial? If you want an example, albeit a local one, about the incessant need to be offended all the time by the Left—well, here you go.