Joy Behar Tried To Force Dr. Phil To Declare Trump Unfit To Be President Because Of Narcissism

Posted: Feb 08, 2017 6:45 PM

God Bless the people at the News Analysis Division (NewsBusters) at the Media Research Center because they watch the things that would make normal people go insane. Take The View, for example, that’s become a place for where reason goes to die. Host Joy Behar asked guest Dr. Phil McGraw if President Donald Trump was a narcissist, is that a mental illness, and does that make him unfit to be president, which drew applause from the audience.

“Well -- well, counselor that's a compound question and I object,” said McGraw. The renowned psychologist then gave a straight answer concerning what would constitute narcissism, but did not take the bait. He merely put out the symptoms and people can interpret that any way they want. 

Kristine Marsh transcribed the insanity:

DR. PHIL: Well -- well, counselor that's a compound question and I object. [panel laughs] But, you know, people talk about narcissism, they don't really know what it means. So, I brought a list from the DSM5 about what narcissism really is. If I ask people to stand up and define it they wouldn't know. Let's just take a vote. One, has a grandiose sense of self-importance.

BEHAR: Check.[ Applause ]

DR. PHIL: Two, is preoccupied with fantasies of success power or brilliance. Which she said.[

BEHAR: Check [Applause ]

DR.PHIL: Okay. Three, believes that he or she is special or unique. [laughs]

BEHAR: check check!

DR. PHIL: Can only be understood by special people.

BEHAR: Ivanka.

DR. PHIL: Four, requires excessive admiration.

BEHAR: Oh, check, check, check, check!

DR. PHIL: Has a sense of entitlement, which means is very thin skinned.

BEHAR: Oh, check, check, check!

DR. PHIL: Is interpersonally exploitative--

BEHAR: Check

DR. PHIL: Lacks empathy, has the inability to stand in other people's shoes.

BEHAR: You know like when he makes fun of people that are handicapped--

DR. PHIL: I'm just reading it. You interpret it however you want. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her. Shows arrogant and haughty behavior.

BEHAR: Case closed.

Marsh added that co-host Whoopi Goldberg said that list sounded like “a lot of people."

“Well, if you -- that's a lot of people. And if you take out everybody that has any of those characteristics then you're going to take out a lot of people including some at this table," replied Dr. Phil.

It’s just Trump Derangement Syndrome at its worst, folks. Behar and company--Trump won. Hillary lost. And he's not going anywhere for four years. If you keep this up, he'll be around for the full eight. Believe me.