MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski: The Clinton Campaign Tried To Take Me Off The Air

Posted: Dec 09, 2016 3:05 PM

Via Mark Finkelstein at Legal Insurrection it seems MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski did something terrible during the 2016 election. She wasn’t a shameless hack for the Clinton campaign. She criticized them. She called them out for their mistakes—and she asked questions. How dare she do that? This morning the Morning Joe co-host said that the Clinton campaign called NBC and tried to take her off the air. So, while the media rails against President-elect Donald Trump for going after the press, let’s not forget that the Clinton campaign tried to get anchors tossed off their own show for being unsupportive of Lady Macbeth. Oh, and she sort of called the Clinton campaign arrogant, which, uh, you know probably contributed to their election defeat, among other things:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Listen, I was concerned the campaign was not understanding that perhaps there was an arrogance, they needed to sort of get off their high horse and understand that this isn’t over. I’ll just say it: NBC got a call from the campaign. Like I had done something that was journalistically inappropriate or something and needed to be pulled off the air. I mean, think about that. That’s just, that’s shooting the wrong messenger.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: By the way, Mika, there were also people surrounding the campaign that tried to tell the campaign it was in trouble. Those people were shut out.

MIKA: [sighs] And here we are.

JOE: Here we are.

Brzezinski is a liberal, though she is not one to hesitate calling her own side out for their moronic antics. She has said that she’s a fan of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), but her shrill, angry antics post-election are getting tiresome and exhausting.

“I’m sorry, it’s getting exhausting. She [Warren] might want to be a little inclusive. Because she’s sounding like the people she’s accusing of being exclusive,” she said. Brzezinski was talking about the Left’s inability at this point to look inward and find what went wrong this cycle. It was one of the most winnable elections in history.

During the campaign, Brzezinski felt that Clinton came off as if she was lying about her emails, and that the Democrats’ freak out over the FBI investigation into her email server, especially the last minute update from FBI Director James Comey in which he said the bureau would review more emails that were discovered on Huma Abedin’s laptop, shows that the agency might be onto something.

Talk about eating one of their own.