Michael Moore: I'm Going To Lead The Charge To Abolish The Electoral College (And Democrats Actually Won the Election)

Posted: Dec 08, 2016 2:05 PM

Left wing activist Michael Moore stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers, where the 2016 election inevitably came up. For a bit, Moore was offering some good analysis of the 2016 election, being a person who grew up in working class America that become Trump's strongest bastion of support. He predicted that Trump could win the election; something he told Meyers that he wished he could’ve been wrong about. He also said that Trump voters are not racists, and that millions of Obama supporters voted for Trump. The observation defies logic, as with most of the post-election commentary coming from the Left. Yet, the honeymoon is over. Moore reiterated the same tired talking points from the left concerning how Hillary Clinton got more popular votes than Trump.

“The fact is the majority of my fellow Americans did not want him,” said Moore. Again, this is false. Forty-eight percent is not a majority; it’s a plurality. Now, Moore did sat that he would be making the same case if Trump had won 2+ million more popular votes. He also said that Democrats need to stop acting like they lost the election because they won it, or something, making an analogy of the New York Giants beating the New England Patriots 21-19, but then sports anchors saying that the Patriots won. He also said that if you add the third party candidates' vote totals, 54 percent of the voters didn’t vote for Trump.

Okay—first of all Americans voting third party still didn’t vote for Clinton, so it doesn’t help your point that Clinton really won the election when she didn’t. Second, enough with the popular vote angle. That’s not how we choose the next president and to continue to press that as a reason why Clinton won, or is better, or casts doubt over Trump’s win is just willful ignorance of how we pick the next president. Ironic, given the snobby disposition of metropolitan elites, who view themselves as superior in…pretty much everything. Trump won the majorities in 30 states to become the next president of the United States. He won majorities in the areas of American presidential elections that matter. The liberal fetish over the popular vote being supreme, especially in this election, is coming off as an offshoot of participation trophy syndrome. Like Clinton participated, so she should get some gold star, or something. She did run—and she lost. Moreover, does anyone really think the snobby, progressive elitists that dot the coasts and the Northeast represent America? Does anyone really think that a campaign that only goes to these areas is truly representative of the country? No. It’s not. The Electoral College ensures that all voices are heard, and that presidential candidates visit all parts of the country. It forces those running to execute an arduous national campaign. There is no way this country can survive if only the richest, most liberal population hubs are the center of attention. Granted, that’s what progressives want because they’re insufferable in their arrogance, which is precisely what the Founders wanted to avoid. The states choose who is the next president. Not to mention the situations in which a recount must occur. It would be a nightmare—and if liberals think voter fraud is a myth (it’s not), it will quickly become a widespread practice since our election process is now a zero sum game.

Moore then says Trump doesn’t have a mandate. Well, let’s just say that’s true (he does have a mandate). But let’s play ball with this; it doesn’t matter. The GOP controls Congress, 69/99 state legislatures, and 33 governorships. Democrats and liberals are going to have to deal—they’ve shown that they can’t. That’s their problem. Clinton won the plurality of the popular vote because the most populous and the most absurdly liberal state voted for Clinton. California’s agenda is not the national one. They don’t get to dictate those terms, but under a popular vote system, they, along with their equally deep-blue states (a minority of states by the way), would set the terms. That’s precisely why we have an Electoral College. In representative democracies, some times the other guys win. The Left needs to grow up and maybe focus on how to win back some ground in the midterms. That’s what the GOP did after their 2008 and 2012 losses. In the end, they became the dominant political force in the country.

Instead, Moore vows to lead the charge to abolish the Electoral College; another wasted effort as we have a Republican Congress and 25 states have a unified Republican state government. He said that something could happen before the electors cast their ballots on December 19, noting that this election has been crazy and volatile. That’s true, but this Hail Mary attempt by anti-Trump electors to block Trump is almost as insane as Jill Stein’s recount efforts.

You lost, get over it. See you in 2018.