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It seems the ghosts of Never Trump are rearing their heads with the electors in the Electoral College. Okay—maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the shell-shocked anti-Trump electors are mounting one last ditch effort to prevent Donald Trump from officially winning the election. The electors cast their ballots on December 19 and the 2016 results are officially certified. President-elect Donald J. Trump is going to become the next president of the United States. Liberals need to get over it. This is our system of government. Some times the other person wins the election. This kamikaze attempt to stop Trump is almost as sad as Green Party Jill Stein’s attempt to recount the votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, where she alleges some sort of hacking might have been at play in tilting the results to Trump. There is zero evidence to support that claim.


Still, this ragtag group of electors filed their 527 papers with the Colorado Secretary of States office to raise cash in an effort to convince enough GOP electors to support another candidate. Yeah, you’d have to be on bath salts to think this is ever going to work (via Denver Post):

An upstart group of Electoral College voters have formed a political non-profit organization to fund a campaign to deny Donald Trump the presidency.

But while a campaign organizer says the movement has secured one anonymous Republican, it remains an unlikely, last-ditch effort for opponents of the president-elect.

The paperwork filed Tuesday with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office creates a “527” group, which can raise unlimited donations from individuals, corporations and labor unions for political activities.

Dubbed the “Hamilton Electors,” the group is seeking to convince enough Republican electors to support a third-party candidate that it would either force an Electoral College deadlock, or elect a different candidate entirely.

Micheal Baca, the Colorado Democratic elector who filed the paperwork, said the money would be used for public relations as well as a legal defense fund.

Stop. Just stop it already. This group is setting up the foundations for “a legal defense fund”? Are you guys, sick? Also, are you aware that a significant amount of states have laws against faithless electors? In Michigan, an elector who tries to break from the herd concerning how the state voted in the official Electoral College vote will be removed and replaced with someone who will abide by the state’s election laws. That’s why some electors are facing harassment, even death threats from unhinged people with too much time on their hands. Michigan elector Michael Banerian explained this on CNN:


Michael Banerian, the youth vice-chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, will be one of his state's 16 electors. The honor of being selected, a role typically bestowed to recognize a person's service and dedication to their political party, has come at a price, Banerian told CNN's Brianna Keilar .

"Obviously, this election cycle was pretty divisive. Unfortunately it's bled over into the weeks following the election and I have been inundated with death threats, death wishes, generally angry messages trying to get me to change my vote to Hillary Clinton or another person, and unfortunately, it's gotten a little out of control." Banerian said.


"In the state of Michigan we have laws that prevent faithless electors. So, essentially what happens, if I tried to vote for somebody else, which, let me be clear, I don't want to, but if I tried to, I would be removed and replaced by another elector. It's a pointless endeavor," he said.

Remember, you’re not simply voting for Clinton or Trump, you’re really voting for the slate of electors that will cast their ballots for either the Democrat of the Republican when the Electoral College results are certified. The grieving process on the Left seems to be taking its sweet ‘ole time. We had people protesting, some of them devolving into riots, with epic temper tantrums and nonsensical talking points about the popular vote and how the Electoral College should be abolished. Well, for starters, the way we elected presidents isn’t going to be abolished…ever. Second, liberals should just accept the fact that Donald Trump is going to be president. Stop protesting. Stop the recounts. And stop this attempt to lobby other electors to vote against Trump. It’s not going to happen—and they’re certainly not going to vote for Clinton. How about we stop dabbling in antics that will bring about a constitutional crisis.


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