Two Florida Election Clerks Have Been Fired

Posted: Nov 08, 2016 1:45 PM
Two Florida Election Clerks Have Been Fired

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Two Florida election clerks in the key Florida county of Broward were fired today for not adhering to “procedure and policy.” Replacement clerks have reportedly been brought in, but the local sheriff’s department wouldn’t elaborate further and local news outlets say that the voting process in Broward has been going forward without any hitches.

We don’t know if this is voter fraud. In fact, it doesn’t look like this at all. It seems to be an incident involving an assault:

WPBF reports that a man and a woman exchanged words and got into an altercation after the man went inside to vote and came back out.

"She's talking to somebody else and says, 'That's little man. Yeah. That's a little man,' and a derogatory term that I will won't repeat on TV," Tom Garrecht said.

Republican supporter Donna Tatlici told reporters that Garrecht charged at her.

"(She) sprayed me with pepper spray. At the point I went after her and knocked everything out her hands," Garrecht said.

Tatlici said Garrecht threw her on the ground and punched her multiple times.

We’ll keep you posted.