CNN To Podesta: We’re Still On This Email Story Because of Hillary’s Own Actions, Right? And It’s All Her Fault

Posted: Oct 30, 2016 5:15 PM

CNN’s Jake Tapper cut straight to it this morning, asking Clinton campaign chair John Podesta if he accepts the premise that the reason the Hillary campaign cannot get beyond this email fiasco is because of her decision to conduct all official business through an unsecure and unauthorized private email system. Podesta just replied by saying that she apologized for the server, she wouldn’t have don so if she could do it again, and it’s more important to talk about who is more fit to be president.

Right, because a woman who could have put America’s national security at risk is a much better discussion. Moreover, her inner circle was just as careless with regards to handling classified material. Wikileaks revealed that Clinton hid her private email arrangement from her own staff.

The fact of the matter is that this is Clinton’s fault. It’s her fault for setting up this unprecedented email server. And it’s the Democrats’ fault for nominating someone to the presidency who is under a criminal FBI investigation. It’s not Comey, or the media; it’s you guys. Say what you will about Trump - he might have done 180-degree turns on key platforms of the Republican Party. He’s certainly not the most conservative candidate nominated by the GOP, but his lies never landed him in trouble with the FBI. The FBI never investigated him during an election year. And he didn’t have an email server that possibly put our nationals security at risk.

CNN’S JAKE TAPPER: “Do you accept the fundamental premise that the reason we're here is because Hillary Clinton and her inner circle, not including you, made a horrible decision to set up her private email server and everything that has happened since then is her fault?”

CLINTON CAMPAIGN CHAIR JOHN PODESTA: “Well look, I think she's apologized for setting up an email server, said it was a mistake, said she wouldn't do it over again. I think she – you know, it’s very clear that this has been an issue through the course of this campaign. I think she obviously would like to take that decision back, but she's learned from it, and I think what's important about this campaign at this stage with nine days to go is who's fit to be president, who has the experience, and the question of whether Donald Trump is too dangerous, too temperamentally unfit to be president of the united states. That’s what we'll close in on and she's going to talk about the future she wants to build in building an economy that's going to work for everyone, and not just people at the top.”