Brexit: Where The Media Thinks That Declarations Of Freedom Are Signs Of Racist Xenophobia

Posted: Jul 03, 2016 3:00 PM

There’s no doubt that some people voted to leave the European Union due to xenophobic overtones, yet the majority of the “Leave” camp was focused on wresting back control from Brussels. It was time to reclaim British sovereignty over its own laws and regulations. The results of the June 24 vote sent a shockwave throughout the world, cost Prime Minister David Cameron his career in public life, and could trigger the end of the EU, as other nations, including Germany and France, clamor for their won referendum votes. It’s an outcry of freedom that’s being viewed as racist and xenophobic in the eyes of the news media.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour is probably the worst offender, calling the results of Brexit grounded in xenophobia and “nationalistic, white identity politics.” The people want their country back—it’s not necessarily a terrible concept. As Cortney wrote earlier this week, Amanpour went on the offensive against Conservative MP Daniel Hannan, trying to paint the entire Leave campaign as racist. Hannan pushed back effectively against those claims, noting that there are some horrible people in the country harassing those perceived to be foreigners, but that isn’t representative of the Leave campaign—unless you watch Amanpour’s coverage.

The United Kingdom isn’t going to devolve into something seen in the movies, like Children of Men, where the country has literally shut down its borders, rounded up illegal immigrants, and become viciously anti-immigrant. It’s a pure dystopia. But that’s not Brexit. It’s the people saying they want their country back. That’s not racist or xenophobic. It’s common sense. The UK is still going to allow immigration, they’re still going to trade with the nations of Europe, and they’re still going to deal with the EU. It’s not the end of the world, folks. Then again, given how the liberal media is obsessed about race, we shouldn't be shocked that they're smearing the entire Leave camp as a bunch of xenophobic troglodytes.