Precious Snowflakes Targeted Black Cartoonist For Criticizing Black Lives Matter

Posted: May 05, 2016 2:00 PM

Oh, here we go again. Precious snowflakes in college griping about how they’re offended and expect the school’s administration to do something about it because they’re ignorant of free speech. It’s a typical tale, and this one from Wesley College in Dove, Delaware isn’t any different. In this case, a black cartoonist criticized Black Lives Matter (oh yeah, the kid went for the gold on this one), which initiated a cupcake nation alert that led to the illustrator being labeled a…racist. So, progressive softies tried to make the case that a black person is racist for going against the grain and offering some criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement—sadly, this seems in keeping with their authoritarian mindset (via Campus Reform):

Bryheim Muse, a black student, published two cartoons in the Whetstone, one critical of what he calls the Black Lives Matter movement’s hypocrisy on abortion, and one of a black man making a comment on attire.

“I was trying to make a point, showing the hypocrisy behind the Black Lives Matter,” Muse told WDEL, explaining that “in one way we’re saying ‘Black Lives Matter, but in another way, we’re aborting our children and we’re saying it’s okay.”

The other cartoon, he says, was based off a Biblical scripture about being known by your clothes.

“I was making a point that the way you dress defines who you are,” he stated.

His main point is that “Black Lives Matter is not the solution to our problems, protesting, begging other people to fix our problems, the solution to our problem is keeping God’s commandments. Black-on-black crime, if we kept the law on ‘love thy neighbor as thyself,’ we wouldn’t have that.”

Senior Tiffany Griffin disagreed, saying that BLM and abortion are two separate issues.

Griffin alleges that there is a strong racial divide on campus, citing an incident in which separate cookouts for white and black students were allegedly held by the college. Muse disagrees and says there is no racial divide.

Following the release of the cartoons, the college held an open discussion forum.

Muse feels he was targeted at the event, saying that the students were there to just talk about how they hated the cartoon, and they only showed up to argue.


“We have worked hard, especially black women, to defy and break down all of the stereotypes that were thrown at us,” Shaylynn Bivens told HuffPost. “It is humiliating to know that we were dehumanized by a fellow African-American male. He essentially gave the white students a reason to disrespect and think less of us. That comic promotes hate speech.”

Reform added that Griffin and a few other snowflakes demanded that first-year president Richard Clarke II condemn the cartoon, which he did, and increase the percentage of black staff and faculty at the school by 10 percent. Right, because that will totally make everything better. There’s no issue here. None. Zip. A kid drew a cartoon he didn’t like—get over it. This is in no way similar to the “slap a Jap” posters drawn during World War II. That was legitimate racism. Regardless, the fact that the cupcake legions used this to push a diversity initiative says all there is about campus progressives. Demonize conservatives, blame the administration for allowing them to exercise their right to free speech, complain, and then demand the administration increase the level of diversity within the faculty. Some schools, like Mizzou, even have required “diversity intensive” courses that are needed to graduate. I say well done, Mr. Muse for challenging the vicious nature of American progressivism, and that of the Black Lives Matter movement. You had an opinion, you put that to paper, and the pitchforks came out. That means you have to draw another one soon. Don’t let these snowflakes scare you; for God’s sake your classmate thinks that black deaths by abortion isn’t as big an issue (certainly not on the same level, which is sad) as a death at the hands of law enforcement. For liberals, the latter is just a much more juicier fruit to sink your teeth into than abortion.