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Florida Sen. Marco Rubio had a rather disastrous night, being shut out of nabbing any of the 127 delegates that were up for grabs last night in Mississippi, Idaho, Michigan, or Hawaii. It was a total disaster. Granted, there were a few polls from Tarrance Group and Monmouth that had the Florida senator trialing the billionaire magnate within single digits (five and eight points respectively), but a new Florida Decides poll has Trump thumping Rubio by 20 points 42/22. Justin touched upon this poll earlier this week, but was somewhat merciful to the Rubio crowd since the senator Rubio loses to Clinton in a head-to-head match up for the general, though it’s well within the margin of error; Trump wins in that hypothetical duel with the former first lady. Yeah, talk about pouring some salt in the wounds before March 15:


The results are in from an exclusive statewide News 13/Bay News 9 poll, and if the results are any indication as to how things will play out in November, it's going to be a close race for the White House.

Nearly half - 42 percent - of the Republicans polled say that if the March 15 primary were held today, they would vote for Donald Trump. Marco Rubio received support from 22 percent of those polled, while 17 percent said they would vote for Ted Cruz.

If Trump and Clinton were the candidates in November, Trump would win with 45 percent of the vote to Clinton's 44 percent. If it's between Cruz and Clinton, Clinton would receive 46 percent of the votes while Cruz would receive 44 percent. Clinton would also lead against Rubio with 45 percent of the votes against the Florida senator's 44 percent of the votes.

The Republican primary sample was comprised of 937 likely primary voters; the head-to- head matchups with Clinton had 1,937 likely November voters. The margin or error is 3.3 and 2.3 percent respectively. In the primary, it’s just a bloodbath. Trump is just dominating; he leads with conservatives, Republicans, independent leaners, moderates, every education bracket, and every income bracket.


For the matchups with Clinton, it’s an interesting duel when you include the Donald. He wins 14 percent of the black vote, which isn’t good, but for a Republican–it’s not too shabby. Trump is also competitive with women voters in the Sunshine State, trailing Clinton by only five points 46/41. On the party front, Trump has some work to do. Only 72 percent of Republicans support the billionaire magnate (it should be closer to 90 percent), while those who consider themselves strongly Republican back him 83 percent. On income, the Donald and Clinton truly are duking it out over the working poor, where she has a slim two-point lead 45/43, the middle class, where Trump leads 47/41, and those making over $80k, where Clinton edges Trump again by two-points 46/43.

It’s early, but these preliminary numbers show how weak Clinton is as a candidate. Some have noted that Rubio is ahead in early voting. That’s certainly a possibility. He could also be trailing Trump by 60,000 votes as well. Guy mentioned how one should tread carefully with early voting totals based off of a small sample.

Nevertheless, while it looks competitive between Trump and Clinton, the current situation is Rubio, and whether he can pull out a win in his home state that many consider to be a must-win f his candidacy should survive. For now, it looks like Trump is cruising to victory.


Last note: Trump, Cruz, and Rubio all beat Clinton with middle class voters. She's just an awful campaigner. 

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