MSNBC In 2015: A Tremendous Year In Stupidity

Posted: Dec 30, 2015 1:30 PM
MSNBC In 2015: A Tremendous Year In Stupidity

It’s the network that conservatives loathe (and rightfully so), and a source for constant content for the Washington Free Beacon and Newsbusters. MSNBC truly outdid itself from discussing how Star Wars might have some racial elements to it (which is nonsense) to how saying hard work could be a microaggession…to slaves–the Free Beacon has compiled the greatest hits of the year.

Only this network would have contributors who claim Hillary’s emails were safer on a Cloud drive, Chris Kyle was going on “killing sprees,” country music makes people want to kill Muslims, and a certain infamous host laughing at someone of Hispanic descent for saying they feel at home in the GOP, and questioning whether Cubans are, indeed, Hispanic.

Exit question: What’s a “Jumbo Clip,” when referring to firearms?