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Democrats and their anti-gun allies sure know how to sell firearms. Barack Obama probably should get an award. For the sixth month in a row, we’ve seen record gun sales (via Stephen Gutowski/Free Beacon):


The Federal Bureau of Investigation processed a record number of background checks in the month of October, indicating that gun sales were at an all time high for the sixth month in a row.

The FBI’s National Instant Background Check System processed 1,976,759 firearms related checks in October. That is a 373,290 increase in checks over last year and a new record for the month. It also makes October the sixth consecutive month to see a record number of checks.


So far in 2015 the FBI has performed 17,584,346 firearms related checks. Currently, 2015 is on pace to beat 2013’s record 21,09,273 checks.

This is probably because the president is calling for his supporters to politicize gun tragedies, and change the politics on Second Amendment issues. He called on Americans who think we have a gun violence epidemic in this country to do something about how to accomplish that. In other words, it’s time to vote out pro-civil rights lawmakers, and get more anti-gun legislators elected into office.

Hillary Clinton said the Australian gun buyback program is “worth considering.” The problem is that the Australian model is essentially a gun ban/confiscation. Obama also cited Australia, along with the United Kingdom’s gun control laws, as examples that other countries have done something to curb gun violence in his remarks after the horrific Oregon shooting last month. Again, both countries virtually have banned firearms. That isn’t going to happen here. With gun control now becoming a pet issue for Democrats on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton said she could possibly circumvent Congress to expand background checks. Katie wrote yesterday about her new ad pushing for more gun control and corrected the awful statistics in it.


The irony is that liberals seem to get that the more they talk about gun control, the more people stock up on guns and ammo. President Obama mentioned this during his address to the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Chicago on October 28. The speech was mostly grounded in criminal justice reform, which both Democrats and Republicans are finding agreement on, but his last bit about gun control forced him to say that he isn’t looking to confiscate guns in America. I take that as a sign that our side is winning. Anytime a liberal needs to preface their gun control drivel with a “we’re not going to take your guns, we’re for the Second Amendment, or we respect the rights of hunters,” it means we’ve won in the court of public opinion. We’ve had a string of wins on the legal front since 2008’s Heller decision, and I’m confident the needle on this issue isn’t going to move in 2016.

So, take a bow Democrats, you’ve managed to keep your unconstitutional agenda stuck in the mud, while inadvertently becoming the best gun sales team so far this year.


Last Note: It goes without saying–everything Obama said about gun violence during his Umpqua Community College shooting on October 1 was wrong. 

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