BREAKING: Shooting At Synagogue in Copenhagen UPDATE: Danish National Police Confirm Second Shooting

Posted: Feb 14, 2015 7:33 PM

According to Danish reporter Tinne Hjersing, there’s been another shooting at a synagogue in Copenhagen not far from Krudttønden, the café where Lars Vilks’ free speech event was interrupted by armed attackers earlier today

According to Hjersing, three people were shot; one was hit in the head, with two police officers wounded. One was hit in the arm, while the other was wounded in the leg.

The suspect is still at large, but this attack and the cafe assault appear to be linked.

UPDATE: Rigspolitiet, Denmark's national police force, confirms the second shooting. Police have urged citizens in central Copenhagen to stay indoors.

A manhunt for the suspect has begun.

UPDATE II: One person has died

UPDATE IIIVia BBC, it's being reported that several people have been injured. It's unknown if this attack is linked to the cafe shooting, where cartoonist Lars Vilks had organized a free speech event earlier today.

UPDATE IV: There is an important correction; no one has died,.  Danish reporter Tinne Hjersing has corrected this development on Twitter.  No one has died, no suspects have been arrested, but one person was still shot in the head, with two police officers being wounded.

UPDATE V: Things are getting serious.

UPDATE VI: It seems Danish police are focusing on Nørregade Street in their manhunt for the synagogue shooter.

UPDATE VII: The person who was shot in the head has died, according to Danish police. In both attacks, two people have died, five police officers have been wounded, and the suspects remain at large. It was originally reported that the victim who was shot in the head had passed away hours ago, but it a was untrue at the time. Sadly, this person didn't make it.