McDonnell Ticket Holds Rally in NOVA

Posted: Nov 02, 2009 11:16 AM
Virginia Republicans win and lose campaigns in liberal Northern, Virginia.  For this reason, it was wise for Bob McDonnell to venture into "the lion's den" as he campaigned this morning in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Since the event was walking distance from my house, I attended the 7:45 am rally.
McDonnell received a warm welcome when he arrived in Alexandria, VA.  I cannot recall the last time a Republican campaign held a GOTV rally there. (See more after the jump)

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They seemed confident of victory tomorrow.  Lieutenant Governor candidate Bill Bolling got the crowd chanting, "Help is on the way!" ...

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And Attorney General candidate Ken Cuccinelli (disclosure: for whom a family member of mine works), brandished the "McBollinelli broom" -- predicting a Republican "sweep" tomorrow...

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McDonnell's daughter, Jeanine -- an Iraq war veteran -- addressed the crowd, saying, "We have a message to deliver tomorrow night."

Despite their optimism, each candidate stressed a simple message: 1). Don't believe the good poll numbers -- keep working, and 2). Republicans can win in Northern, Virginia.

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Proving Republicans can win in NOVA, Alexandria City Council Member Alicia Hughes was on stage.  A Republican, she was recently elected on the Independent ticket, but was supported by the local GOP.