Florida Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill Trump and JD Vance
There's *ANOTHER* Disturbing Update on the Trump Assassination Attempt
Convention Delirium: MSNBC’s Fake Presence, NPR Hit With Hulkamania, and a 'LOTR' Conspira...
Would Jefferson Have Told You What Kind of Horse You Could Buy?
Our Precarious, Flabby Military and a Generation of Unhardy Americans
God, Religion and You
Biden’s NPA-A Announcement Jeopardizes U.S. Energy Security
End Small Business Tax to Make Main Street Great Again
Duty Drawback Example of Corporate Welfare
Joe Biden, American Lemon
Poverty Is Caused by the Dad Gap
Never Forget That Political Rhetoric Lives in the Realm of Hyperbole
MSNBC Attempts to Trick Viewers Into Thinking They Were at the RNC
Here's Where Most Voters Stand With JD Vance
Another Democrat Senator Tell Biden to Pack His Bags

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Some cool links you might have missed ...

The Club for Growth
calls out big Republican spenders.

'Spanking lowers I.Q.' - Dr. Melissa Clouthier

'Camp David Syndrome': Explaing Obama's addiction to the Middle East peace process
- Ken Blackwell, American Spectator

Obama's Swing-State Blues - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal

Kent Conrad: You're Too Dumb to Understand Health Care Bill - Rob Port, Say Anything Blog.

Merle Haggard on the government ... and UFOs - Andrew Griffin, Red Dirt Report

Giles: The ACORN Suit Is 'Silly' - Robert Costa, National Review

Christians attend Web Conference - Rachel Motte

And lastly, an Extreme Close Up of Jim Pinkerton


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