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Michael Moore Admits to <em>Rolling Stone</em>: Obama 'Fakes Right and Goes Left'

The cover story in the current edition of ROLLING STONE is titled "Obama So Far."  It features a "roundtable" with David Gergen, Paul Krugman and Michael Moore. 

Despite the obvious lack of ideological diversity, the part I found most interesting was Michael Moore's admission that he admires Obama's "craftiness" and that Obama always "fakes right and goes left."  This, of course, is something we've been saying for a long time now. 

Moore is also forthcoming about the so-called "public option", admitting,

"If a true public option is enacted -- and Obama knows this -- it will eventually bring about a single payer system, because the profit-making insurance companies won't be able to compete with a government run plan and make the profits they want to make."

Moore concludes by saying,

"I probably shouldn't be saying this, but I'm counting on the fact that Republicans won't be reading this ROLLING STONE." 

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