Based on the Preliminary Info About the Trump Trial Jurors, the Rigged Narrative...
New NPR CEO's Take on the First Amendment Is What You'd Expect
There Are School Walkouts Happening Over Furries. Please Shoot Me Into the Sun.
Israel Strikes Back
Are Iran's Nine Lives Nearing an End?
Ich Bin Ein Uri Berliner
Hold Obama-Biden Foreign Policy Responsible for Iran's Unprecedented Attack on Israel
Did This Factor Into Gallagher's Early Resignation Decision?
Do Celebrities Have Deeper Liberal Thoughts?
The World Is Paying a Deadly Price for Barack Obama's Foreign Policy Legacy
Maybe Larger Families Will Produce Better Leaders, as in the Early US
The Mainstream Media: American Democracy’s Greatest Threat
We've Found the Most Insane Transgender Rapist Case Yet
Watch This Purple-Haired Democrat Demand for More Ukraine Funding In Massive Rant
MTG Introduces Strange Amendment As She Fights Ukraine Funding Package

The Week in Blog is Up! (Lots of Health Care / Townhall Talk) ...

Conservatives rediscover that dissent is patriotic (04:17)
Lib bloggers try to discredit conservative town hall protestors (04:19)
Are the protests organic or Astroturf? (03:07)

Matt: Hey, liberals unleashed raucous protesters against Bush! (10:46)
Does Obama want liberals to lay off the Blue Dogs? (04:31)
Obama asks his supporters to start snitchin’ (06:58)

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