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NRCC Announces Patriot List

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has released the names of 25 members of their Patriots Program. 

According to their website,

The NRCC "Patriot Program" is the formalized mechanism by which potentially targeted incumbents commit themselves to meet rigorous goals that will strengthen their campaigns to ensure victory. These "Patriots" who work tirelessly to build winning campaigns do so with the full support and participation of the NRCC and the entire House Leadership.
The list is as follows:

AL-03    Rogers

CA-03   Lungren

CA-44   Calvert

CA-45   Bono

CA-50   Bilbray

FL-15    Posey

FL-16    Rooney

FL-25    Diaz-Balart, M

IL-13     Biggert

KS-02   Jenkins

LA-02    Cao

LA-04    Fleming

LA-06    Cassidy

MI-11    McCotter

MN-03   Paulsen

MN-06   Bachmann

MO-09  Leutkemeyer

NE-02   Terry

NJ-05    Garrett

NJ-07    Lance

NV-02   Heller

NY-26   Lee

PA-15   Dent

WA-08  Reichert

WY-al   Lummis

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