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The B(D)S Movement

Why National Health Care Should Scare You

A friend reminded me the other day of why the scheme to nationalize health care is so frightening. I mean, we should all oppose it on principle -- but there are also self-preservation reasons, as well.

First, it is clear that countries which have socialized health care require long waiting periods for treatment -- no matter how much you are willing to pay.

This isn't an original idea, but but this scenario should make people think ...

Let's say you have cancer, and it will cost you tens of thousands of dollars for treatment. ... And you don't have insurance. This is certainly a very, very bad predicament, but it is not an impossible situation. To be sure, you might have to beg -- borrow -- or steal -- in order to be treated, but a resourceful person can find a way to come up with money. It won't be easy -- but coming up with the money is, at least, theoretically possible.

But if the government tells you that it's too expensive to treat you -- or that you're too old to be treated -- or that you're too sick to be treated -- or that you brought it upon yourself -- then where do you go?

... In a perfect world, everyone would be healthy. In a less than perfect world, everyone would at least own their own personal health care insurance account.

But it will be a truly dystopian world when government can deny or postpone health care.

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