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What Politics Has Come To... don't think it's been talked about here, but there's a story going around about Joe Biden's daughter allegedly being taped snorting cocaine. 

This, of course, is a truly sad commentary on the state of politics.  First, it is sad that a "
friend" would video tape a friend -- and then seek to sell it.  Second, this young lady is not running for office.  Third, Joe Biden isn't even running for office (not that a campaign would make this fair game).

The only possible reason to reveal this tape would be 1). to make a buck, or 2). to humiliate Biden and his daughter.  This young lady is neither a celebrity or a politician.

I disagree with Joe Biden's political philosophy, but this is a low blow.  Regardless of whether or not this turns out to be legit, I hope this video never sees the light of day ...


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