Obama's Karl Rove ...

Posted: Feb 13, 2009 9:06 AM
Noting the public fight between Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and political adviser David Axelrod -- over the policy substance of the bank bailout -- Bill Pascoe points out blatant media hypocrisy over at CQ:

Substitute the name “Henry Paulson” for “Timothy Geithner,” and “Karl Rove” for “David Axelrod,” and then imagine the firestorm that would have erupted had The Times reported that Rove was arguing with Mr. Paulson over the finer points of how to spend hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars.

Oh, wait. As I recall, there WAS outrage every time Rove’s fingerprints were detected on anything other than a direct mail piece for George W. Bush . And yet, somehow, the mainstream media passed right over the Axelrod-Geithner story with a collective yawn.

Ah, Change We Can Believe In. Requiet in pacem.

This, of course, just illustrates the media double-standard.  Glamorous successful Democratic consultants like Carville and Axelrod are treated as geniuses, while winning Republican operatives are portrayed as "evil geniuses" ...

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