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Steele Talks to WaTimes

Yesterday, Michael Steele -- who is currently running for RNC Chair -- gave a very interesting interview to the WaTimes. 

Of note, Steele had some praise for possible Obama AG Erick Holder, pushed for recruiting a "cadre of young people," said he disagrees with the Club for Growth for "endorsing candidates in primary contests" (he must mean he disagrees with endorsing
challengers) -- and talked about his position on the board of a pro-chioce organization.

And then, there's this quote:

"Mr. Steele said that during the 2006 election, he and two other black Republican candidates for statewide office - former football star Lynn Swann for Pennsylvania governor and former Ohio state Treasurer Ken Blackwell for governor there - were called "lawn jockeys" for the Republican Party."
If you are following the RNC Chairman's race, this one is a must-read...

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