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Re: Michael Steele and the Pro-Life Debate

... I also recall that Steele said that McCain should not feel obliged to pick a pro-Life veep.  My recollection is that he was not advocating for a pro-choicer, but rather, saying there should be no litmus test.

Hailing from Maryland, as I do, I've had a head-start on others in terms of observing Steele.  My observation is that Steele is more of a pragmatist than he is an ideologue. 

While his philosophy is in question, Steele also needs to address the competence issue.  Rumors are that his '06 senate campaign was a confused and poorly-run mess.  What is more, he has not -- so far as I can tell -- turned-around the struggling GOPAC ...

On the positive side, there is no doubt he is a charismatic and very nice guy. 

I am looking forward to hearing more from him on why he wants this "gig"...


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