Bayh Wants Lieberman to Apologize

Posted: Nov 13, 2008 3:40 PM

Evan Bayh recently said this:

[Joe Lieberman] said things that were simply unacceptable, and I think he needs to apologize for that... You've got to, you know expect an apology, a sincere apology, and you gotta keep -- tell him, look, 'we're going to give you chance here, but if you don't do the right things as chairman, if you know, if we see any continuation of this kind of behavior, well then at that point, you know, the game is up at that point.'

The Left is in an interesting position.  They cannot stomach "rewarding" Lieberman by allowing him to remain a committee chair, but they cannot afford to see him caucus with Republicans (or resign and allow a Republican to be appointed to replace him).  What is more, they have no leverage over him at this point in his career, whatsoever, and so they cannot even enjoy the fun of seeking revenge. 

Will they suck it up???