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News for a Slow News Day...

A four-month-old puppy called 'Machu Picchu' is seen in Lima, ...

As you may have heard, Peru has offered to send one of these very scary bald and toothless dogs to Barack Obama...

The press corps would have a field day with this dog. 

I'll take this as a cheap opportunity to give a "pug plug" to my own personal canine, "Uncle Rico."  I doubt he's hypoallergenic, and he sure sheds hair (as all my black jackets will attest to), but he's just about the best doggone dog in the world.  (And no, he's not the alien from Men in Black II). 

Barack, umm, Mr. President-Elect, you could do a lot worse. 


What is more, unlike Barney, Uncle Rico has never bitten Jon Decker ... yet.

Update:  Uncle Rico came from a pug rescue.  Might I suggest to Senator Obama that he also adopt a pup?


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