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Rich Lowry on Palin Haters

Rich Lowry is one of the best conservative writers out there -- as well as one of the classiest people in this business.  I get to meet a lot of conservative pundits, and I can tell you Lowry is one of the most professional, well-liked, and respected writers you could meet.

But because he serves as editor of NR, he sometimes finds himself having to make tough leadership calls.  Today, he has a must-read blog up on the whole Noonan/Parker/ Christopher Buckley/ Frum controversy. 

Here is an excerpt, but read the whole thing:

"Now, I regret how some conservatives immediately question the motives of the critics of Palin, but it's equally regrettable that Noonan, Parker et al are portraying most conservatives as irrational thugs. It makes you wonder: Who is really being overly emotional and deeply unfair in this intra-mural conservative debate? Which brings us naturally to Kathleen Parker's column today. Read and judge for yourself. Is this calm, cool deliberation? Or hyperbole worthy of a peeved e-mailer?"

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