Linkin' Park

Posted: Oct 16, 2008 11:09 AM
Here are a few items that you probably won't hear about anywhere else ...

...  A while back, I profiled Rep. Dave ReichertHis team emails me to let me know he has launched a new ad on stem cell research

... I also interviewed Mayor Lou Barletta.  Barletta is currently poised to be one of the few Republican challengers to oust an incumbent this year!!!  You can visit his site here.

... The NRSC is out with a new ad in North Carolina.

... Obama promised left-wing "community orgainzers" they will "help shape the agenda" ...

... Cliff Kincaid writes that, "Obama’s association as a young man with a Communist sex pervert, Frank Marshall Davis" may trump Ayers and Wright.

... Also, a few folks have emailed me about this "Politically Incorrect Facts" website. It's billed as the place to go for information about Barack Obama that, "you don't hear from our media, scientists or politicians."  I can't vouch for the info on this particular site, but there is no doubt the MSM has failed to accurately investigate Obama's record. 

... And lastly, did you know October 21st is "Protest the Media Day"?