Will the <em>Real</em> McCain Supporter Please Stand Up?

Posted: Oct 13, 2008 4:02 PM

Obama's decision to highlight the controversial musings of a few random attendees at McCain's Townhall meetings is politically sagacious.  Just as McCain briefly punished Obama late this summer for playing to his strengths (drawing big crowds made him a "celebrity"), Obama is now punishing McCain for utilizing his favorite format, the open Townhall meeting. 

So far the questions coming from a few of the attendees (as confusing and controversial as they may be) appear to be organic.  But based on the attention these incidents have received, I would not be surprised if the Obama campaign were to begin sending "plants" into these meetings to say even more controversial things -- possibly even racial slurs.  

If you've ever read "Rules for Radicals" -- the famous primer by Saul Alinski -- one of Obama's heroes -- this sort of tactic is straight out of the Alinski playbook.  This is, at least, something to keep an eye  on...

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