Thought Police at the Rocky Mountain News

Posted: Oct 04, 2008 12:13 PM
Writing in today's Rocky Mountain News, Bridget Johnson objects to my objecting to conservative writers who prematurely jumped ship on Sarah Palin

She writes,
"... isn’t it imperative to listen to the representative voices chiming in on key issues? Or does this dissent threaten cohesiveness of a party agenda and require censures of noncompliant individuals in a manner reminiscent of the tasks undertaken by China’s Internet police."
... So let me get this straight.  It's okay for Johnson to criticize my expression of "dissent," but if I do the same thing (object to something a columnist wrote), then I'm behaving like "China's Internet police"???

She goes on to write that, "party line, groupthink mentality is characteristic of the communist societies I loathe so much."

Her overblown and offensive rhetoric (essentially comparing my writing to communism) becomes especially ridiculous when you consider that Kathleen Parker's column can be found right here at! 

Let's be honest about this double-standard:  Liberal viewpoints (or, with 30 days to go until the election, any criticism of Sarah Palin) are defended and celebrated by the MSM, while conservative expression of dissent is compared to "China's Internet police".