Still Think She Should Step Down?

Posted: Oct 02, 2008 10:45 PM

Tonight's debate was a great one; much better than the presidential debate.  The 90 minutes flew by.  Frankly, I think Palin should have ended by challenging Biden to another debate.  It could have been humorous, if nothing else.  And if it did happen, it would have provided us with some additional entertainment.

Clearly, Palin was charming and impressive tonight.  She connected with average Americans both through her rhetoric -- as well as by looking directly at us through the camera.  This was especially effective during her closing remarks.

Biden did well, too, but based on the expectations, I think tonight was a net plus for McCain-Palin.

To me, the big story is that Palin demonstrated a dramatic improvement over her recent interviews.  Americans don't expect a vice presidential candidate like Palin -- "a novice on the national political stage" -- to start off knowing everything, but they do hope to see that a vice presidential candidate has the ability to learn quickly.  She does.  Keep in mind, Obama has had something like 19 months to become the debater he is today.  Palin has had only a month, or so.  Palin's performance tonight, which was a vast improvement over her recent interviews, if nothing else, demonstrates that she is a very quick learner.