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Debates & Bailouts (and bailing out of debates...)

David Letterman, feeling snubbed by McCain's decision to postpone his appearance, lashed out at John McCain last night, saying:  “When you call up at the last minute and cancel, that’s not the John McCain I know.”  Guess what?  Letterman's not as funny as he used to be -- so I guess he's not the Letterman I used to know, either.

... Of course, a lot of folks are saying that McCain's decision is merely a "stunt."  While I agree it was politically sagacious, it also occurs to me that this is essentially the same decision McCain made when he decided to put politics aside and postpone the first day of the GOP convention because of the hurricane.  

Regardless, though McCain's decision to postpone the debate seems appropriate, one hopes that conservative Congressmen do not now feel compelled to support the bailout, as is, in order to help McCain save face. 

... Make no mistake; liberals are going to use this crisis -- and any potential bailout -- as part of an attempt to further socialize this country.  This is from David Ignatius' WaPost column today:

"Well, if the taxpayers are going to acquire a stake in the nation's largest insurance company, perhaps that company can be the cornerstone of a new system of universal private health coverage."
We must remain vigilant ...

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