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Re: Here's Why McCain Should Oppose the Bailout

I've got to agree with Amanda.  Henry Paulson is suggesting we give him a blank check to take control over a huge segment of the American economy -- to run from a centralized location (as
Newt Gingrich remarked today, that's more Putin than Paulson).  This is very, very concerning, to say the least.

But I also think this is a golden opportunity for John McCain.  By opposing the bailout, he would be essentially be following the same recipe he used when deciding to pick Sarah Palin; it's both a bold move -- and a conservative move! 

Moreover, he would essentially be the one offering change from the Bush/Obama bailout.  Does Obama really want to be the one giving George Bush a blank check?

In short, I don't think McCain should do this for political reasons.  However, I think there are strong philosophical -- and political -- reasons for McCain to oppose this.


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