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Bloomberg, Burnett Agree with McCain on Economy

The liberals are beside themselves today regarding John McCain's statement that, though there are serious problems, the economy is "fundamentally ... strong."

Obama pounced on this line as an proof that McCain is "out of touch."  On Hardball,
Chris Matthews just compared McCain's statement to Herbert Hoover

This is not terribly surprising, given that the liberals seem believe they can win this election only by doing two things:  Marrying McCain to Bush, and demonstrating he is out-of-touch on the economy.

The trouble is, while the Democrats have been recently claiming that McCain's TV ads are stretching the truth, they continue to take McCain out of context, and shamelessly seize on any opening they think can be exploited for political gain (despite what talking down the economy might do to the country).

Interestingly though, it seems that a few moderates and business journalists -- who actually understand the economy -- agree with McCain. 

For example, CSNBC's Erin Burnett also seems to echo McCain's sentiments today ...

And popular moderate New York Mayor Bloomberg had this to say:


"I do agree that fundamentally America has an economy that is strong," he said. "America’s great strength is its diversity, its hard work, its good financial statements, its broad capital markets, its enormous natural resources" and its work ethic, he said.

"I'd rather play America's hand than any other country," he said.  "Without problems? No."

Let's see if the media goes out of their way to mention this ...

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