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At FRC Meeting, Lou Dobbs Hits Keith Olberman

Greetings from the Family Research Council's Values Voters Summit.  The last such meeting occurred in the heat of the Republican primary.  As such, almost every candidate (on the GOP side, at least) showed up to woo social conservatives.  Today's meeting is more low key.  The convention hall is packed full of attendee's but the media area is much less full (imagine that!). 

FRC's president Tony Perkins opened up the meeting by stressing the importance of focusing on family issues.  He mocked the notion that Christians are no longer interested in family matters, and are instead focused on issues such as the environment, by saying, "What do you talk about when you really have nothing left to talk about?   ... The weather." 

Lou Dobbs was next up.  He joked about having his "national media card revoked" for speaking at this meeting.  "We have a national media that is liberal in it's tone ... liberal in its bias," he said.  He added that, "the nomination of governor Sarah Palin stands as one of the most instructive moments in demonstrating the liberal bias in the national media.  This woman was savaged for five days before we even heard from her ... This woman, yesterday was savaged by Matt Damon, Whoopi Goldberg, and other glitterati." 

Regarding Keith Olberman, he said, "The Man is hanging by a highly medicated string."  He noted that Olberman not only attacked him, but also his two children.

Joe Gibbs is up next...

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