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Last Thoughts on Lipstick ...

Here's a point which I think has not been adequately made yet.  Obama's comments about lipstick on a pig were either an insult -- or an example of gross negligence.  It has to be one or the other.  It cannot be neither.

He was either insulting her, or he is simply not as smart as we think he is.  I'm not sure which one it was, but either way, it's a serious concern. 

Let's assume Obama somehow accidentally made this reference.  Isn't that almost as bad?  I mean, the lipstick line was the most famous line from a speech Sarah Palin delivered less than a week ago.  If this was merely a mistake, what does that say about his ability as a communicator? This time, he offended conservatives and many women.  Will his lack of verbal self-awareness or control offend the Russians next time?

By the way, some PUMA's are sending lipstick to Obama...

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